Welcome to our Winery Buesser-Paukner


The Winery Buesser-Paukner is located in Gau-Odernheim, Rheinhessen.

Around the slopes of Petersberg and across the rhine valley, we cultivate our vineyards in harmony with nature.

Since 2014, we have been carrying on the nearly 100 year old family estate. Authentic and expressive.

Not only our logo represents this, above all, our wines do and we ourselves.



Eva Paukner


After completing her studies in viticulture in Geisenheim, Eva went out into the wide world of wine. Spain, Argentina, Franconia, Rheingau - in the end she went back to her routes in Gau-Odernheim. With many impressions and ideas in her luggage, but without a man. How fortunate for me! As here in Gau-Odernheim we got to know and love each other and share our passion for wine. For Eva, wine is not only a profession, but a matter close to her heart.



Andreas Paukner

Active, committed and full of heart and soul -this is how I describe Andreas.

My husband has a great passion in his life - wine. It is amazing to watch how he fascinates others with his passion. Being able to share this with him is wonderful and fulfilling for me. He also sniffed other "cellar air" after his wine-growing studies. Austria, New Zealand, France, California and other wine regions shape his sense of great wines.





We structured our product range into estate wines, village wines and single site wines.

The idea behind is the closer the origin, the higher is the quality.

In addition to these two lines, we also offer litre wines and sparkling wines.


In the estate wine sector, we attach great importance to clear varietal typicity. The white wines are fermented refrigerated

in stainless steel and then stored on the fine yeast until the new year. Fresh, clear wines with excitement are our "goal" here.

The red wines are aged in used barrique barrels or wooden barrels and mature there for at least one year.


The village wines represent their villages Gau-Odernheim and Alsheim and they grow in traditional and best vineyards.

The terroir there characterizes the distinctive taste of these substantial wines.


The single site wines are the top of our assortment. Only the best grapes are used for these wines and are produced through a lot of manual work in the vineyard as well as the best climatic conditions. When the wines are matured, the terroir of the location should be emphasised in addition to the longevity of the wines.


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  • Land: Area under vine 6 ha – equal to 30.000 vines

  • Vineyards … in Gau-Odernheim: Herrgottspfad, Hösel, Lieberg

                     … in Alsheim: Sonnenberg, Stratzenberg

  • Main grape varieties: Riesling, Pinot noir, Silvaner, Scheurebe, Pinot gris, Chardonnay

  • Climate: Positioned in one of Germany's most sun-rich and rain-poor regions, Gau-Odernheim

    enjoys fantastic climatic conditions for growing grapes. The region sits in the leeward shelter of

    the Hunsrück, Taunus, Odenwald and Northern palatinate highlands, fostering a warm, dry climate

    with warm winters. We typically see just 500 mm of annual precipitation to go with 1.600 hours of sun.

  • Soil:           Loess Aeolian sediment from chalky ice age dust

                     Clay Tertiary river sediment from the original rhine riverbed

                     Limestone deposits from the tertiary sea